What type of canine is this bit guy? assumption That Mutt & win treats!

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The DNA test results are in – what’s your guess?

Anyone care to take a assumption on this bit guy’s breed mix?

Kuba was embraced three months back from the Los Angeles region animal care & manage in Lancaster, Calif., by blog visitor Anna S.

Anna stated her pup is about six months old now as well as evaluates around 45 pounds. OK, so he’s not so bit anymore!

Kuba likes to chase a sphere or frisbee, likes to play with people as well as other dogs, as well as he loves to run – sometimes in circles!

“He likewise likes to chew on bones as well as sticks as well as anything else he can get his mouth on,” she said. “He’s extremely ‘talkative’ as well as naughty. Let’s hope it’s just a puppy thing.”

Χα! seems like a common puppy! ?

More about Kuba

“He doesn’t mind using a backpack,” Anna said. “He’s quite positive as well as extremely wise – likes to discover techniques for treats, as well as I ought to truly begin formal obedience with him.”

Anna chose to try a canine DNA test with Kuba, as well as she has the results.

[quote_center]”He’s quite positive as well as extremely wise – likes to discover techniques for treats.”[/quote_center]

How you can win a bag of Caru natural canine Treats

For your possibility to win a bag of canine treats from Caru natural Treats, just leave your assumption on Kuba’s breeds in the comments.

The business will send a totally free bag of treats to the two people who guess the closest. If there’s a tie (or if nobody guesses correctly), I’ll do a random drawing.

I’ll reveal Kuba’s official DNA results next Saturday, together with the two closest winners. (Must have a U.S. or Canadian mailing address to win the treats.)

More about Caru

Caru Pet Food business is a family-owned company operated by two Canadians, according to its web site. Caru implies “to love” in Welsh, as well as the business offers natural stews and treats for dogs.

Caru stews are FDA verified as well as made with 100 percent human-grade ingredients, according to its Facebook page. They are likewise grain and gluten totally free and made in the United States with non-GMO ingredients.

OK, so let me understand your finest assumption on Kuba’s breeds!

Here’s my guess: German shepherd/cattle dog, although I believe he appears like a purebred German shepherd!

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