To save a pound dog

The black dogs get to me first.

Their shiny coats as well as ghostly eyes show back at the camera’s flash. Their pictures never do them justice.

And then it’s the puppies that get to me – so young as well as already so close to death.

And after that it’s every dog that resembles any type of dog I’ve ever liked – a spaniel type, a retriever type, a pitbull.

It’s all the pound dogs.

And I wonder, might I save just one? might I take a possibility on a dog I don’t know?

What do I do when I want to save them all however can’t precisely embrace or foster?

Do I look away? try to forget?

Or do I share their photos, share their links, hoping they’ll get noticed among lots of others. Μέρα με τη μέρα.

Why promote these dogs when there are dozens, hundreds more to come? as well as hundreds more after that?

Do I donate money? Do I offer to transport? Do I beg?

Δεν γνωρίζω.

I feel powerless sometimes, the cycle endless.

Rescue work can be addicting, as many of you know, since there are always more dogs.

So what do I do?

I step back. I step away from the “URGENT!” since it’s always urgent.

I pull myself together, since I can’t potentially save every dog.

And then I do one thing. One little thing.

I make one phone call. Or send one email. Or donate $25. as well as I hope many, many others do the same.

Perhaps you might do one thing today as well.

For one dog or one feline in need.

In North Dakota or in your own specify or country.

One animal, anywhere.

The pitbull as well as the pointer you see pictured are impounded at the Dickinson, N.D., pound as of 9:30 a.m. Feb. 8. According to the pound, they are both offered for rescue or adoption as well as might ultimately be killed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody might take five minutes to bring these dogs outside to get some decent photos? Is that asking as well much?

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