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Note: This evaluation is sponsored by shoreline Global.

Coastline worldwide is providing away three CheckUp at-home wellness tests for dogs. Leave a comment at the end of this publish for a possibility to win.

What is CheckUp?

CheckUp is a noninvasive, at-home urine test for dogs as well as cats.

You just gather a urine sample from your dog or feline (lovely, I know) as well as then dip a testing strip in the sample as well as compare the colored results on the strip to markers on a card. The product is designed for in-between vet visits.

CheckUp can help dog as well as feline owners find prospective problems such as:

high glucose levels (potential indication of diabetes)
kidney conditions
λοιμώξεις του ουροποιητικού συστήματος
blood in the urine

I decided to utilize the set with my senior dog Ace, as well as his results came back as normal. say thanks to goodness!

CheckUp wellness test for Dogs Review

Η κατώτατη γραμμή:

This is a valuable product that can provide dog as well as feline owners some peace of mind as long as they don’t mind collecting the pet’s urine sample.

Obviously this is not designed to replace a vet see however it can assist pet owners inspect a pet’s health and wellness between vet sees as well as catch prospective problems early on.

I photo it being particularly practical for shelters as well as rescue groups, owners of senior pets, pets with chronic health and wellness problems or pets that are terrified of the vet or aggressive at the vet (talking to you, Scout!).

The expense of CheckUp

The kits are $14.99. ΚΑΝΤΕ ΚΛΙΚ ΕΔΩ.

Each set for dogs includes:

1 telescopic pole (extends to about 18″ – just guessing)
1 detachable metal sound to hold large, disposable cup + lid
1 sample collection pipette
1 sample collection vial to hold little urine sample for testing
2 similar testing strips to dip into urine samples as well as compare results on card

There are separate kits for dogs as well as for cats however they test for the exact same issues. The feline version includes some special sand you can put in the litter box for collecting a urine sample.

Pros of CheckUp

CheckUp is one more at-home tool to assist you gather as much info as possible. like a pet thermometer, for example.

Affordable (normally $14.99 per set on Amazon). By comparison, urinalysis at a vet office varies however you can expect to pay around $100 or more.

Only takes about 60 seconds for the test strip to show the results (vs. waiting rather a long time for lab results).

Comes with a vial you can seal as well as keep a sample if needed for further testing at your pet’s vet.

Great for tracking your pet between vet visits, particularly for senior pets or pets with chronic health and wellness issues.

Comes with a pole (extends to about 18″), metal sound as well as cup & lid to quickly gather the dog’s urine.

The feline version includes special sand you can put in the litter box for collecting the urine sample. trust me, this is a plus! I collected my cat’s urine sample with a spoon once!

Easy to use, just make sure you checked out the directions ahead of time.

Non-invasive as well as non-stressful for most pets.

Cons of CheckUp

Well … you have to be willing to gather a urine sample. This is more difficult for some pets than others. ;

It would be nice if it came with plastic gloves. Καταλαβαίνεις …

Some vets may still want you to pay for a urinalysis or bloodwork with their office. That will depend upon the private vet, your specific pet, the health and wellness problem in question, etc.

You may state one “con” might be some people will utilize it as an reason not to go to the vet. I don’t believe that is true. anyone who cares sufficient to buy this set as well as gather a sample is going to take their pet to the vet if they believe necessary.

Would I buy a CheckUp set for my pets?

Yes, I would buy this product every now as well as then if my budget plan were a bit more flexible. It’s one of those things I don’t see as a necessity however would be nice to utilize every couple of months.

I would be more likely to utilize this for my cats than my dogs since I don’t take my cats to the vet extremely often.

Would I suggest CheckUp to others?

Yes, I suggest this product to owners of senior dogs or dogs with chronic health and wellness issues. I likewise suggest it for feline owners since most of us don’t take our cats to the vet as commonly as our dogs.

ThΤο είναι ένα εξαιρετικό προϊόν για καταφύγια καθώς και ομάδες διάσωσης για να έχουν επίσης.

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*Συγχαρητήρια στους νικητές: Ann, Sandy καθώς και Amy!

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Επιτρέψτε μου να καταλάβω αν πιστεύετε ότι ο έλεγχος θα ήταν χρήσιμος!

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